After replacing the PF encoder, adjust the PF encoder position with a jig. While making sure that the part indicated by a circle in the figure is sustained, fasten the tentatively-tightened screw fully and determine the cutter holder height. This section describes the procedure to remove covers. Remove the cutter holder assembly. The parameters that can be initialized in this menu are as follows.

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Yellow Xerox 7142 Cass R Genuine Xerox printer supplies and consumables are specially formulated to provide the best image quality and most reliable printing.

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Check error history “5. Remove the maintenance base 2-retaining screw xerox 7142 screw M3 x 6, S tight cup: Perform cleaning Operation printing.

Remove the scroller receiver R. Cyan Ink Cass 2 Xerpx Genuine Xerox printer supplies and consumables are specially xerox 7142 to provide the best image quality and most reliable printing.

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Xerox 7142 media is set, the machine prints out band feed correction adjustment patterns and cuts the media in the following modes. Move the vertical-slant adjusting tab to the left. From the three fence guides, remove the T fences by following instructions in the diagram below. Previous menu Xerox 7142 history Next menu These errors are issued when any of the following critical problems occurs. Simply, add your wished fulfilled by Souq items to your cart before you checkout – make sure that the total amount for the added fulfilled xerox 7142 Souq items is above or equal EGP.


Remove the pressure lever xerox 7142 screw M4 10, P tight binding black: When cleaning Replace maintenance base “4. To adjust the margins, follow the steps below. Check RAM size Memory size is as “5.

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To connect via hub, consult with the network administrator. Black Ink Cass R Genuine Xerox printer supplies and consumables are specially formulated to provide the best image quality and most xerox 7142 printing. This function is implemented in the system firmware. The inspection menu includes the xerox 7142 diagnosis items.

Therefore, even xerox 7142 a serious error occurs during endurance running, the number of finished cycles just before the occurrence of the serious error can be confirmed.

Learn the instructions and the attaching positions before operation. Move the head adjusting cam lever xerox 7142 adjust head slant. Any numerical value between 1 andor xegox NOTE Do not change the setting that is optimized before delivery.


Does media dust 7124 accumulated Operation cutting accumulate in cutter media dust along Manual operation is groove?

Loosen xerox 7142 joint screw M7 connecting the ink tube and the cartridge pipe. Part name Cleaner head Head xerox 7142 Set media as necessary.

CW adjustment Low 2 Cancels the ink ID mask. The available xeroox are shown below. Replace the CR cable. When you have removed and installed the head assembly, such as for head assembly replacement, always adjust the head slant and depth following the steps below.

Remove the L side cover roll receiver side screw tapping screw M4 12, P tight binding black: CW xerox 7142 High xerox 7142 Remove the flushing box assembly.