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I have not tried USBEE software before but I have seen some good comments on it , so it is worth to try and compare how well it performs against Saleae Logic. This mini logic will come with case and cables, there are three types of cable in package:. Some of the programs on the software suite worked well, some not entirely correctly and some not at all. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. November 26, at

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Then go to Internet and find the software. My device looks same as in this page, so clould work with those drivers? Have a USBee or a Clone? Is that due to pull up to keep the pins up when not connected anywhere.

Seleae Logic + USBee AX + USB Blaster

Connect a suitable series resistor between RS level signal and logic analyzer input. No damage to protection diodes worst case current less usbfe 2 mA though protection diodes and signal seems to get through nicely I tested with only bps serial data but I think works for faster speeds also.

I accept the Terms and Coditions. You should be able to use it to monitor I2C data generated by some other devices. Please can you check I2C reading operation using this device? When I landed to USBee web pageI noticed the following announcement that had been there for almost two years:. Excellent article thank you for the write up and the link from tubbutec.


There was uzbee pull-up resistors for each pin around kohms to 3. And there was also software that had possibility to generate output signals signal generator software.

USBee products get still some official support — even clones: Forgot Password Login or registration. If you need to trigger on some content in contious stream — its not possible. Your email address will not be published. Those cheap logic analyzer boxes seems to be commonly availableso maybe there are some other software to use with it.

October 25, at 9: I was looking yesterday situation on USBee product because I had potential need for device that had possibility to play back usee signals. The inputs seems to be implemented with HC if I read the code on IC right because it was in quite unreadable condition between input pins and CY7C Another thing I found out was that the USBee software license says that you may not use this Software usbed conjunction with any pod providing similar functionality made by other than CWAV.

Or did the open source software with more features on signal decoding side make the slowly developing at least looks so commercial product to fai? This one was really cheap around 10 Usbef. The Windows version of the software is still a work in progress.


USBEE AX clone

November 18, at Due to very successful clones being developed that utilize our USBee usbes, we had to close the business. The product came after some waiting.

This mini logic will come with case and cables, there are three types of cable in package:. January 9, at 9: Your concept is excellent; the issue is that not enough people are talking about it. There are also several blogs explaining how to make usvee device work see e.

USBee logic analyzers no more |

You will need to go to the seller for support. November 26, at Is this a paid subject matter or did you customize it yourself? It does not seem to support signal output functionality one feature I was looking when getting another logic analyzer.