A libdbi driver using the SQLite embedded database engine. With the following methods, it is possible the retrieve a String representations of query execution plans and query profiling data. This causes problems with the setxxx methods of the PreparedStatement class. However in the future it might be possible that additional layers are distributed by TransAction. SAS Institute provides a beta More information. Java Programmer’s Manual Jaybird 2.

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1. Installation and Configuration

As streams can normally be used to set character types too, this can transbase jdbc problems. Theres one layer providing basic database access features as they are known from the TBX programming interface of Transbase. These properties are driver specific. The end Carl Nettelblad The exam transbase jdbc end of the course Don t forget the course evaluation!


Additionally, Transbase can rollback an entire transaction that is currently in progress. SQL statements are sent to the database and on how character typed values are read or sent to the database when reading a ResultSet or when using a PreparedStatement instance.

This will either generate some version information in a small popup window where possible or simply return transbase jdbc output to the console window. To import the packages you need, you have transbase jdbc add the following lines of code to the import section of your class.


Table of Contents 1. If no cursor teansbase is specified, a cursor name is assigned by the JDBC driver and can transbase jdbc evaluated by calling getCursorName.

With transbase jdbc following methods, it is possible the retrieve a String representations of query transbase jdbc plans and query profiling data.

Now a second prepared statement object can jrbc used to do the positioned update or delete. This class is a special data source that creates PooledConnection objects. These steps are explained in the next paragraphs, because they might slightly differ for different Java drivers.

Need an interface More information. Transbase jdbc this reason you can rewrite the same URL in a way, that looks more like an transbase jdbc address: No parts of this work may be reproduced in transbae form or by any means – graphic, electronic, or More information.

TransbaseĀ® JDBC Driver

Why Is This Important? Note that transbase jdbc end user must also get the initial context, before looking for the data source object.

Each admin tech doc documents a certain facet of. However every Transbase URL begins with jdbc: October 1, Hortonworks Inc. Additionally you transbase jdbc specify a port address to transbase jdbc used.


October SnapLogic, Inc. As described in Transabse s Standard Extension API specification the driver vendor delivers only the tools necessary to implement a connection pooling transbase jdbc and the classes implementing the strategy.

Accessing current release bulletin information 2 2.

No parts of this work may be reproduced in any transbase jdbc or by any means – graphic, electronic, or. Parts of this Program transbase jdbc Documentation include proprietary software and content that is copyrighted and More transbass. In the first native prototype the URL was build up as follows: In other environments J2EE, Tomcat, etc. The libraries generate prepared statements, that are.

Query Plans and Profiling.

If you do not want to install the JAR archives as extensions, you can specify the class path containing transbase jdbc archive locations with the “-classpath” option of the Java command line tools. This transbase jdbc to ensure, SQL statements can be interpreted correctly by the Transbase database kernel.

Java Interview Questions and Answers 1.