You get the new chipset and CPU, and you can always upgrade the memory and hard drive. At the price charged, other manufacturers do not give you the same possibilities as the Toshiba A3 does. This is a place where the slow hard drive actually helps the battery performance, as slower spinning drives utilize less energy. When we look at this comparison, the A3 does not look that bad at all. Internal Hardware The list of internal hardware features that are available are impressive in some ways, and quite unimpressive in others. For most on top of the lap uses, this machine will satisfy. In many toshiba tecra a3x wireless, this remains the truth.

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Toshiba Tecra A3 Back View The speakers are located above the keyboard, and the speaker screen stretches across the width of the notebook, even though the speakers themselves are only about wireldss. Also included in this system is a PC Diagnostic tool, connectivity tools, hardware configuration software and others included in Toshiba Assist.

We will therefore skip this part, and start from the first fully configured startup as a reference. Multitasking is another area where this system does not excel. All letters are clear, and all information on the display is excellently created and displayed in high or true color.

The large number of running processes, coupled with the wireldss hard drive and low amount of RAM, slows opening apps to a crawl.

Tecra A3X – Toshiba

And have your fingers ready to delete a lot of unnecessary software. The display is so bright that it can give you a sun tan if you are ax3 careful! Functionality All Microsoft Windows machines are basically the same upon first startup, which configuration options, etc.


It is still better battery life than you will find with most mainstreams, however, and better than DTRs, even those equipped with the same CPU. Toshiba Tecra A3 Keyboard view larger image Finally, the system weight puts it just into the thin and light category at a published 6 pounds.

Except for the top cover of the display and the touchpad buttons, which are silver, the entire system is black. Remember to wirelss it on before proceeding with your setup.

Toshiba TECRA A3X laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

It is a 6-cell, so the traveling man will want to purchase a spare for long travel times. This version of XP is preloaded with SP2 as well. Toshiba touts zero wireless configuration. It probably loosens over time, but, brand new, you will have to push relatively strongly.


Toshiba Tecra A3 Keyboard view larger image. This is common among manufacturers, but most first time users do not know this. Toshiba Tecra A3 Left Side View The battery is located in the rear of the machine, and can be easily removed for replacement or changing. This is not just a Toshiba issue. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do so with this particular system, as the computer itself is hobbled by its supporting hardware.

The display is one of, if not THE, best features of this notebook. This is an improvement over the previous generation, although how much of one remains a contentious point.


While there is no wireleess of overheating, the bottom does get hot to the touch after a few hours of use. For most on top of the lap uses, this machine will satisfy. This notebook runs Windows XP Professional. It is not an offensive look, but it seems redundant and unnecessary, especially in a business machine.

Graphics-wise, the system will replace the AGP slot, providing faster speeds and two-way communications with future graphics cards.

Toshiba Tecra A3 Review (pics, specs)

Originally designed for users with Tablets, it does well for taking notes during business meetings, or just jotting down notes that come to mind while doing something else.

InterVideo 5 comes preinstalled, and is the tcra decoder available at this time. For business people, this is an ideal secondary or travel system, with a no-nonsense appearance and approach.

You get the new chipset and CPU, and you can always upgrade the memory and hard drive. It reacts quickly when the open button is pushed, but the spring to close the tray is somewhat tight.

The buttons carry a very light plastic feel to them, the space button is relatively unresponsive, toshiba tecra a3x wireless roshiba sound when depressed is not very firm.