Any Condition Any Condition. You may also like. Analog is handled up top. As with the iPod Photo, you can’t zoom in or pan over images. Create a voice recording with your thoughts so you can use the display screen to revisit them later. The H has two USB connectors.

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iriver H series – Wikipedia

As with the iPod Photo, you can’t zoom in or pan over images. Since the digital device comes with such a spacious hard drive, there is no need for additional accessories to expand the storage capacity. Introduction Features and Benefits Photography img heavy! While it provides long lasting iriver h320, its lifetime is somewhat short iriver h320 about 2 years.

With all the file formats the h supports, this is the one.

iriver H320 20GB MP3 Player overview

This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. When your battery starts to get low, it is simple to recharge the unit iriver h320 to the USB port. The H does so much more than just music, though.

Iriver h320 then 20GB will be pitifully small, as will the screen.

iriver H 20GB MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

Here’s a quick hit-n-rundown of the iriver h320. The look of this player in my opinion destroys any competition on the market now, iriver h320 the IPod. I also appreciate the new look for the machine, being the first product designed at iRiver’s new INNO design facility.


Overall, it’s fast and sexy, and definitely different. But unlike the iriver h320 Photo, the H doesn’t have a video output to let you display photos on a connected TV. Excellent high-feature mp3 player I bought this mp3 player used about four months ago, and it is still working like a dream.

Okay, I’ll work on irjver. This H took a dump irjver evening in the rain, because I didn’t fasten the strap correctly. You also get the FM tuner, text, and the ability to record from just about any source, from iriver h320 to line-in.

You won’t hear the difference between lossless and the existing codecs when you’re out and about, but if you’re driving high-quality speakers and are a perfectionist, it’s nice to have. This is unlike iriver h320 iPod where a iriver h320 on the clickwheel will not interrupt the song and will light up the screen.

Instead, utilize the seamless navigation on the 2-inch iriver h320 screen of this H series music player.

iriver h320 There’s also the lack of WAV recording or playback. Iriver h320 complain I have about the rockbox interface is that when the backlight has dimmed, and you want to check the title of the song that is playing, there is no button to press to light up the screen.

iRiver H320 Black ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player

From left to right: You can choose lower bit rates for longer recording times, and you can also record from a line source, such as a CD player.


The look of this iriver h320 in my opinion destroys iriver h320 competition on the market now, especially the IPod. No harm done, except some scratches. Like other iRiver players we’ve tested, the H has excellent audio playback quality.

It doesn’t do that. If you want to catch up on the local news, use the FM tuner to find your favorite local station. Maybe I had high expectations, but I dont think the H delivered. The iriver h320 is rather tough and butch looking, but other than iriver h320, chuck it for something better.

DJ’s will want to know, if they don’t know already, is that the H still does not support gapless playback. Since iriver stopped its production some years ago, it was a gem to find it iriver h320 auction here on eBay.

Iriver h320 thought it would be something cool that musicians could use like pitch-correct slow playback. But so does impractical. Low resolution for photos.