The camera always powers-up with the flash in one of its two “auto” modes. Capture and view photos immediately in a broad range of lighting conditions. See details for description of any imperfections. Other reviews on this site address the PhotoSmart scanner, and the system seen as a whole, including the PhotoSmart printer. Most digital cameras require the user to manually choose “macro” mode via a pushbutton or menu option control. In very dim light, using the maximum 2 second exposure time, a few bad CCD cells show up as bright “twinkles” in the image, but far fewer of them than we’re accustomed to seeing in the few other cameras capable of this sort of extended time-exposure.

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This is the reason why they are not included in my OEM page on this website.

HP PhotoSmart C20 (1998)

This brings up the record-mode menu, defaulting to the “take pictures? A nice feature of the C20’s interface software is that it provides a significant degree of automation: A “slide show” of sights and people from a business trip is great for sharingthe events of the trip with the kids. The lens is a variable-aperture design, switching between apertures of f2. This camera is good Eventhough it is a old camera, it works perfect and takes decend photos. True, some incorporate fancy software to ease the image-transfer process as does the C20but even the worst are faster than manual processes like image scanning.


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The color tools are similarly intuitive: Other characteristics of the LCD screen on the C20 are about middle-of-the-road: It will automatically detect when the camera is plugged into the serial port, and begin downloading images unattended. That’s it though, the viewfinder scene just stays there, not changing in response to your cursor movements.

The C20 decisively corrects that, presenting consumers with a truly easy-to-use digital camera having excellent image quality, good ergonomics, and an affordable price. Standard features include both optical and LCD viewfinders, an all-glass variable-aperture lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length, and a four-mode built-in flash.

HP PhotoSmart C20

In normal operating mode, the C20 cycles fairly quickly, and is ready to take the next picture about 8 seconds after the previous one in its highest resolution mode. By contrast though, the cell voltage stays more or less constant throughout the battery’s charge life, only dropping off sharply at the very end of the charge.

Smoke and Pet Free home. Once you’ve selected the images you want, go to the “adjust” menu to adjust either exposure or color settings.

Capture and view photos immediately in a broad range of lighting conditions. Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7.

Which is why I purchased this 1 mega pixel dinosaur of a digital camera. This would be an issue for fast-moving sports action, but for those situations, the optical finder would almost always be your first choice anyway.

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You can also slide the cropping area around ;hotosmart your image to achieve the best composition. We focus on the phrase truly useful: Connected to a TV with a video input jack, the C20 becomes a portable presentation machine.


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About this product Product Information This pacoard digital camera offers point-and-shoot simplicity and sharp, picture-perfect results. Operation and User Interface In working with the C20, it’s clear that HP’s engineers strove in every way to make a device that was “user-friendly” and simple for non-technical people to use. Meaning that in most cases, you can just hit “print”, and you’ll get prints looking no worse than typical drugstore photofinishing.

HP PhotoSmart C30 1.0MP Digital Camera – Silver

This is digitao reasonably broad range, adequate to the majority of situations you’re likely to encounter. The cosmetic differences and the GUI of the camera are too far apart from each other. This is a very broad range, but in actual use, we found we could achieve entirely adequate exposures at light levels as low as EV ! We found the image-adjustment tools to be easy and flexible to phptosmart with.

Views Read Edit View history. Under each is a popup menu showing the image size, and a control to set the quantity of prints for that picture.