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Scott Ellis on the page linked above makes a basic pwm. Note that to install a driver. Scott Ellis to the rescue again. Then the GPIO example code should do what you want. Scott makes all his drivers available github.

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Hi Cheryl, When you compile the module on your host machine, it should produce a file with a.

I think the part I am missing is compiling the module on gumstux host machine. Hi Curtis, Excellent article. Scott emailed me an update to his pwm. Yeah, you need to compile it for your overo. Our Pinto lodged in a breadboard.

Can anyone point me at gumstix PWM sample code, preferably in C? Scott makes all his drivers available github.

Gumstix – PWM Sample Code?

The program is very self-explanatory and we can easily modify it according to our specific timing needs. Be careful- all of the different voltage level cables 1. The rest are known as internal timers.

It’s just simple file operations and doing the same thing as command lines. However, for the GPIO event driver it’s a lot better.

Only positive voltages are measured, ranging from 0V i. I looked at the readme file on the omap3-pwm but it was just confusing and I had no idea now to even begin. Hence, set the Clock mode field to 1 to select the PWM output mode. Scott provides a simple driver that demonstrates how to configure PWM10 to generate a signal at any frequency and duty cycle.


Please note that only one Robostix card can be connected to a Verdex board and is supported in the system. Scott Ellis to the rescue again. There is a great article about generating PWM on Gumstix hereit’s really detailed, and the followings are brief summaries.

But each time we want to change the state of the a GPIO we still have to run the application program again. Typical RC systems use a frequency of 50hz.

Overo Series

It may not see or respond correctly to 1. If the vectors specified in these fields are shorter than the channel vector, the value of the last element in the vector will be used for the rest of the channels. Specifying a larger input value in the range of 10, to 20, suddenly pushes me back into integer overflow territory with my intermediate values.

If not i’ll see what I tumstix do after figuring it out, but that will be a while. Your email address will not be published. When you compile the module on your host machine, it should produce a file with a.


Gumstix has posted a series of videos that provides an introduction to the features and set up of several Overo configurations.

PWM Sample Code?

The Robostix driver supports 16 digital lines, which can be configured by guumstix user either as digital input s or digital output s. The devmem2 procedure won’t work with kernel 2. Time limit is exhausted. In reply to this post by Dave Hylands Hi Dave, I was just after a simple example that shows how to configure the hardware and set base frequency and duty cycle.

Do this by breaking into u-boot and typing the following commands. Please see the Gumstix’s website www. The Robostix driver currently supports two 2 clocks, which are both only used to generate the PWM output s.