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My is Asus A2D. I “fixed” the problem by reducing the number of processors to 1 – but this is hardly a fix. You can find unofficial drivers at http: If you want to use VISTA witout error43, and with normal graphical performance when use this drivers: I am running Vista right now on an uli chipset, with full and proper graphics adaptor support. This gets the card working properly, although it’s not a perfect solution, as those drivers are pretty old now. Your problems will never be resolved as these Products are obsolete.

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They answered me, that I should wait for the next CAT and then it will besolved. Somehow I can’t seem to get back afi it.

I needed to upgrade anyway as my Radeon won’t let me display Aero. So i cannot use Aero interface.

I am tempted to do this to see if it fixes the fault. Pinkerbellis When Vista is about to boot, hit the F8 key on the keyboard to raedon up the additional start-up options.

Radeon™ R7 series | Graphics Card – GIGABYTE U.S.A.

Friday, October 13, 3: Friday, Rradeon 02, 7: Thursday, February 15, Hello CPU whisperer, I have expressed your concerns with our driver team.


Too bad my new mobo and video card are due to show up today. Please report these issues to Ati, as this has not really to do with Vista-Setup. The ATI card is getting the code Current technologies and software.


Suggest you go wti nvidia. Tuesday, March 06, 2: Only if you are already planning to upgrade. This has been very frustrating and when I do buy a new laptop I’ll make sure to get an Nvidia graphics chipset.

Saturday, January 20, 9: I don’t think I’ll buy another nvidia product for a very very very long time.

Only either dxva turned off or switching to single core results in a correct display. Anyone have the nforce3 Alpha release for Vista x I thought maybe there would be a work-around using the cpu core affinity so that I could assign a single core to a specific task thereby getting the video to work while keeping ai cores functional.

And according to an e-mail I received from their customer services people they are supposed to be releasing new nForce drivers with the consumer release of Vista 30th I believe?


Ok so what will help my code 43 error, i am running single core intel pentium 4? HP released some new drivers in January, so I decided to give it another shot. Wednesday, October 11, 6: Wednesday, February 07, 9: Tuesday, July 24, 3: Go there and leave lots of Posts. Next, I’m going to try the 32 and 64 package to see if that does it somehow i doubt it will.

New Drivers  PCX2500 DRIVER

However, I would like to inform you that nforce3 is end of life product so we don’t have any supported drivers for Windows Vista Operating System. I even sent Nvidia an email complaining about the lack of drivers, and they totally ignored me – not even a generic “we apologise Radwon like one of my earlier guesses was right, at least in my situation.

I need to be able to disable Fast Write even as temporary solution.