Before that comes unfailing good health. Further, the building where the crime was allegedly committed was extensively remodelled. The beatification process opened on 26 September after the title Servant of God was conferred upon her and the Congregation for the Causes of Saints granted the ” nihil obstat ” ‘nothing against’ to the cause. Her cause of canonization commenced in and she was titled as a Servant of God. However, on 6 December the CBI filed a petition in the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court Ernakulam seeking to wind up its investigation in the matter for lack of evidence. Views Read Edit View history. Interior of the Monastery.

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But are all nuns who leave the congregation given such huge settlements? Syro-Malabar knanaya Catholic Church. Breadcrumb Home Nun The Less. The angels of God, karthavinte maalakhamaarwho make invaluable contributions as doctors, nurses, teachers and selfless workers, are the backbone of the Church.

Sister Abhaya murder case

All three suspects were granted bail in early January Father Paul Thelakkattu denies the amount aluga paid as compensation. Anna could have pursued a pure science if not engineering—the family could not afford to fund a professional degree—and lived a placid life in the south of Kerala. Enclosure means once a nun is part of the order, she cannot leave unless the Pope agrees.

According to Sister Anita, when she complained to the Mother Superior, she was wih, isolated and soon shipped to Italy.

The local police which investigated the case initially closed it with a theory of suicide. Meenakshi Soman Do the nuns siser suffer a crisis of faith?


Sister Abhaya murder case – Wikipedia

The church is like a huge stone wall, there are some hands thumping on it sieter for justice, but that will not damage sluva wall. The time for conversation with one another is limited: Not everybody is worried. V Shoba in Kochi listens to the sisters who dared. Having had enough of the failure and lack of interest on the part of the CBI, the High Court directed suo moto the Director of the CBI to appoint a special team from New Delhi to investigate the matter.

The beatification process opened on 26 September after the title Servant of God was conferred upon her and the Congregation for the Causes of Saints granted the ” nihil obstat ” ‘nothing against’ to the cause.

In Januaryreports indicated that former superintendent of the police, K. Sister Patricia, once an architecture student, knew this was her calling early in life.

She had had a four-year-long affair with the priest — with the tacit approval of her superior and companions. The lab explained that it was quite normal to make corrections in the manuscript. She had woken at 4: A suicide note cited mental torture by the CBI. Stages of canonization in the Catholic Church. The driver was packed off to the Gulf, and the nun asked to leave the congregation and rehabilitated, with a hospital job in Delhi.

Subsequently, on 19 Januaryhe called a special press conference in Cochin and announced that he had resigned from CBI as his conscience did not permit him isster comply with a strong directive given by his superior officer, V. Redcliff On The Net. The Syro-Malabar Church is yet to dispel the shadow cast by its most serious land sale scandal, where Cardinal Alencherry, senior priests and a middleman were named as the accused in an FIR filed months ago.

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The complaint alleged irregularities pointing at personal profiteering by priests through the sale witb land belonging to the Church. Jeevan began insulting her before Samundar rose from his seat and asked the driver to stop the bus.

However, the CBI report said that due to lack of evidence it was not possible to go further into the matter. The court in its order strongly criticized the CBI for its loyalty and complicity to certain vested interests to siser the ends of justice and the court observed that the CBI had not made party some very significant persons who otherwise emerged in the facts of the case quite evidently.

Interior of Monaster with Grill and ‘turn’ Table. Anna is visibly upset, but she has mixed feelings about defiance. Thomas to record the death of Abhaya as suicide in the Case Diary. No sign of increased intra-cranial tension. It is a historic moment for nuns in Kerala.