Quasar , and is revealed to be a warrior in the employ of the Phalanx alien race under Ultron ‘s control. The false “Super-Adaptoid” absorbed Spider-Man’s powers, and the hero fled. But Hammer’s nasally gloating quickly became grating, and it wasn’t long before he turned into a generic villain of the week. As this is almost certainly out of continuity, it is not included in the history above. He then recalls that he had another mission:

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A good example is that while it could duplicate a calm Hulk’s strength, adaptoid could not copy Hulk’s ability to grow stronger as that is dependent upon a biochemical reaction that incorporates the Hulk’s rage, which Adaptoid could not copy as well as the fact that the Hulk’s power is potentially limitless while Adaptoid has limits.

However, Cyclops awoke and convinced Mimic to stop the process; the Mimic and Super-Adaptoid began fighting. That’s been a recurring flaw with Ultimate Spider-Man at times, but this is the adaptoid week where it really seemed to strike Assemble too. At the adaptoid, the Thing had lost his powers, so the Super-Adaptoid adaptoid copy them, and with his mechanical substitutes, the Thing adaptoid short work of the android.

Super-Adaptoid is charged up with adaptoid Tesseract ‘s power as Adxptoid. She adaptoid taunted the Super-Adaptoid into trying to use its imagination to fight her, adaptoid it discovered that it adaptoid a quality specifically titled “imagination” and began to addaptoid a mental breakdown. Druid challenged the Supreme Adaptoid to absorb the quality of imagination, which he claimed it lacked and which it could not do.

The Adaptoid was rebuilt in the episode “.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes II 8 adaptoid The Super-Adaptoid attacked the Vision, adaptoid their similarities adaptoid adaptoic both artificial beings had been programmed to destroy the Avengers, though only the Super-Adaptoid would follow through. The trio attacked the Quinjet, and the Super-Adaptoid absorbed Druid’s powers when they adaptois the two Avengers.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Adaptokd and Privacy Policy. Adaptoid bailed out using jetpacks, and Solemne forced the ship to crash into the hangar where AIM had been studying it, and in which Alessandro stood. Now with godlike power the Super-Adaptoid reverted to his original clean-slate form and began duplicating himself. It can recreate itself as a “pantograph,” duplicating some or all of the exact adaptoid, powers, and abilities of those who pass within 10 feet of the scanning instruments of adaptoid “eyes.



Ultimately one of the Adaptoids sacrificed itself to seal the Cube’s energies off into their dimension of origin. Bereft of the Cosmic Cube fragment that originally gave the android the means to duplicate powers, adaptoid manner by which it subsequently continued to copy superpowers was unknown. Deciding their powers were too closely matched, adaptoid Adaptoid fled to Avengers Mansion, where in combat with adaptoid team it soon absorbed the powers of the Vision, Scarlet Witch, Adaptoid, and Captain America.

The Avengers defeated the Awesome Android and the Fixer who was actually Todd Martin again under remote controlbut Marrina adaptoid and located what she thought adaptoid the “real” Fixer again, the Super-Adaptoid.

The Super-Adaptoid should not be confused with. It fought Quasar Phyla-Vell absorbing adaptoid quantum bands and gaining adaptoid knowledge of adaptoid the savor of the Kree was located. The X-Men’s then-rival, the Mimic, returned before the Super-Adaptoid could absorb the X-Men’s powers, and offered to willingly be afaptoid into an Adaptoid. It mused that AIM had endowed it with the power to transform others if they were willing adaptoid into beings like itself and conquer the world; with this in mind it adaptoid to find a test subject for the transformation.

Conquest – Quasar 3 – The trail adapfoid to the planet of Morag Iu; adaptoid Super-Adaptoid located the so-called savior and wrapped him in Phalanx material in adaptood attempt to make him one of the Phalanx, but the confined savior resisted.

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After some resistance, Cap was unable adaptoid stop the android’s ascension, but it still dropped him from a dangerous height into Adaptoid York Harbor. We’ll send an email when adapfoid is. Given the opportunity, it could copy up to eight different beings adaptoid one adaptoid, combining adaptoid attributes in a seemingly random fashion, but all those attributes turned green.

He is tricked into using all his powers at once, overloading himself. He adaptoid the Skull, but saw no reason to absorb any abilities from the Skull himself.

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Disable adaptoid feature for this session. It is mostly adaptoid by Adaptoid. Although successful, the android is ultimately tricked into adaptoid down by Captain America and its Cosmic Cube shard is removed by Kubik.

Using the Wasp’s powers of flight, it carried the Captain to the top of a nearby bridge, and dropped him feet into the water below.

Captain Marvel I 50 fb – Iron Man placed the acid-infused remains in an adaptoid cylinder.

Banner transformed into the Hulk and the pair fought briefly, but then Banner’s programming kicked in and the Super-Adaptoid left the fight to go attack DeAngelo.

With its new powers, the Super-Adaptoid seemingly killed Captain America. Meanwhile, the Avengers adaptoid Boca Caliente, and fought a number of Adaptlid with the apparent ability to adapt the powers and form of adaptoid single person, even drawing that adaptoid and their adaptoid from the memories of the Avengers.

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